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This piece was comissioned by Thomas Lechner and performed by him and 3 japanese percussionists in Kobe - Japan.

This piece was comissioned by Thomas Lechner and performed by him and his students of University for Arts - Graz (Kunstuni Graz).

Bunte Welt was comissioned by Martin Mühringer and written for the wind-orchestra of the village Taiskirchen in Austria. It tells the funny story of how the village got its´ name.

A piece for electric guitar and two meat grinders, being performed in Vienna, StyriArte Graz, Ried im Innkreis and Carinthia.

A performative composition for flute, drums and electric guitar. Written for a concert of the Blackpage Orchestra - Vienna.

A composition for guitar solo, voice and acting.

A composition for guitar and violin.

Surface was a collaboration with the dancers Simon Mayer and Odile Geyshens. Trying to combine tango feeling with contemporary dance and improvised experimental music this piece was shown in  France, Belgium and Austria.

Sound for a performance with Simon Mayer and Odile Geyshens

Nimm is a piece for tuba, trombone and percussion. It was written for being premiered in the church of Bischofshofen - Salzburg. Commissioned by Thomas Lechner.

Macroperformance II is the follow up piece of Macroperformance I. It was written for the stringplayers of Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop - Berlin. The piece includes 4 tractors, dirt, fires and fireworks. It was performed at Spielfestival in Andorf - Austria.

The sound for vicissitude was created by layering improvisations of electric guitar, breath and voice.

Zeitlos Verwoben was comissioned by my good old friend Thomas Lechner - who is solo timpanist with the Vienna Philharmonics. It is a performative composition for 5 timpani and a sheep. The sheep is not obligatory and can be imitated by the player.

Full score and video are still to come.

Treib is a music theatre piece for actor, singer and tuba. The tuba is giving impulses to the singer by playing certain sounds and pitches. The singer is asked to react to the vibrations of the tuba, by using his voice in an improvisatory manner. In some way the singer is manipulated and penetrated by the Tuba throughout the piece. Different versions of this composition were made in collaboration with the performers. The piece was commissioned by Philipp Mayer. Treib I was performed at Spielfestival in Andorf - Austria, Treib II was performed at Labor Sonor in Berlin and Treib III was performed in Echoraum Vienna.

This piece was premiered by student´s of Musikgymnasium Linz at Brucknerhaus Linz. Soulfly imitates a classroom of teenagers who are shooting during the lesson. Those paperplanes literally appear in the piece in order to interact with musical patterns and give performative cues. Phrases can be triggered by the planes and flight patterns of the planes can be imitated sonically by the players. This way the conductor is confronted with unplanned chance-like musical and performative events while conducting the part of the piece which is written down in traditional notation. Maybe the conductur feels just like a teacher in front of funny teenagers.

Schlachtklang is a field-recording video piece. You can hear the sounds of a cow being butchered, being able to follow the whole process sonically from bringing the cow to the butcher to slaughtering it, to cutting the pieces and cleaning the floors. The comments of the butcher are written in subtitles and give another layer of information to the whole process.

A performativ composition for cars, tractors, dancers, musicians and cranes, being premiered at Spielfestival 2009 in Andorf. 

A performativ composition for strinquartett. First premiered by students in 2008 at California Institute of the Arts - Los Angeles. The video is from a performance at Spielfestival Andorf - Austria.

Performance Stringquartett for Violin, Viola, Cello and Doublebass

A piece for Drums, Guitar and Saxophone. Here performed at Kleines Haus Dresden for my Diploma recital.

A piece for guitar solo and voice. Recorded at my first album "freakpop" for Acoustic Music Records - Germany in 2007. Here performed at Kleines Haus Dresden for my Diploma recital. Dance performance - Simon Mayer.

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